Thought Bubbles – Episode 2


This week I reflect on the concept of Community Leadership.

Are community leaders amongst us, doing very subtle things to make a difference? Is leadership within the community different these days to the more traditional model of being elected in to representative positions? Have a listen to my non-scripted babble and let me know your thoughts on what community leadership is!


  • Jacky January 13, 2015 - 11:49 pm Reply

    good stuff Becky!
    Some of the best community leaders I know are those school mums slogging it away on school commitees and boards, hats of to the them for helping to create better environments for all of our kids and finding ways to improve on already stretched budgets and help out time poor teaching staff, usually achieved with a bucket-load of enthusiasm and seemingly endless energy!

  • Malcolm Dean January 15, 2015 - 11:34 am Reply

    Hi Becky!

    Yes – but do they care? In the sense of people who are doing so much not wonderring if they are leaders or not. Simply seeing a hole/need/gap and acting on it. What does it mean to overlay the tile of “leader” on to people who are out there doing it (like in your CFS example)? For the people out their doing it, does it recognise and honour their works? Inpspire/release them into other actions? Or for others does the mantle come with other assumed baggage that they may want to recoil from?

    I guess my question is what does the title of leader mean in 21st C community when traditonal structures of power in the community are shifting?

    It’s a big topic 🙂


  • Gail Kilby January 15, 2015 - 7:25 pm Reply

    Good topic for discussion. I do believe community leadership exists at all levels, in community groups, volunteers, schools, sports clubs etc. As an elected representative i think it is absolutely crucial to connect with people and organisations as often as possible to facilitate fair and representational decision making. I cant see our government structures changing radically in my lifetime, they may not be perfect but life in Australia is far better than most places (imho). However there is always room for improvement! I consider myself very lucky as I get to meet some amazing people who are prepared to go above and beyond in proactive, innovative and compassionate ways to improve our lives, these folks are most definitely leaders. I will now finish my glass of wine (not bubbles either) Cheers

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