Local Government

  • Nature’s Best – Let’s Plan the Rest

    Nature’s Best – Let’s Plan the Rest

    A significant process of connecting with the community to inform the development of a Strategic

  • Connecting with our Community Framework

    Connecting with our Community Framework

    Developing a framework to help plan how the organisation communicates with and listens to people

  • Community Leadership

    Community Leadership

    Development and delivery of Community Leadership training

  • Community Governance

    Community Governance

    Process planning for a Community Governance approach

  • Living Green

    Living Green

    Facilitating discussion as part of an environmental planning process for a local Council.

  • Community of Possibilities

    Community of Possibilities

    Planning and facilitation of focus groups with key stakeholders on the topics of Emerging, Moving,

  • Marion Cultural Centre Plaza

    Marion Cultural Centre Plaza

    Planning and facilitation as part of a Design by Competition process.

  • Community engagement toolkit

    Community engagement toolkit

    The development of a community engagement toolkit for use by staff and Elected Members.

  • Coast Park

    Coast Park

    Designing and facilitating community engagement activity as part of the Coast Park initiative.

  • Making Marion – Co-Designing A Community Plan Towards 2040

    Making Marion – Co-Designing A Community Plan Towards 2040

    Project management and implementation of the Making Marion community engagement project.

  • Victoria Park/Bakkabakkandi Central Gardens

    Victoria Park/Bakkabakkandi Central Gardens

    Facilitation of dialogue between local residents and users of the park about the potential design

  • Community Engagement Resource

    Community Engagement Resource

    Preparation of a resource for use of social media in community engagement.

  • Fire Management

    Fire Management

    Community engagement activities for a draft fire management plan.

  • Engagement Strategy

    Engagement Strategy

    Stakeholder engagement activity as part of the development of an Engagement Strategy.

  • Community Board Strategic Planning

    Community Board Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning with a Community Board in an outback mining town

  • Obesity Prevention stakeholder engagement

    Obesity Prevention stakeholder engagement

    Stakeholder engagement for OPAL programs