Our philosophy

We believe in transparent processes that involve people in making decisions about things that affect them.

We believe that involving people in a process helps enhance understanding of the issue both by the decision maker, and the people affected by the decision.

We believe in selecting tools appropriate to the community and to the decision-making process in hand.

We believe that involved communities are empowered communities.

We believe that empowered communities are strong communities.

When we work with you, you can be assured that we will –

– be accommodating, approachable, proactive and innovative
– provide solutions that are both inspiring and motivational
– actively listen to client needs and tailor-make services accordingly
– be straight-talkers who pull on our wealth of industry experience to inform our work
– use our passion for clear, straightforward and transparent processes
– be independent, honest and non-biased
– use skilled, experienced people with the same values and approach

We aren’t –

– A Market Research company.  Research is something you do to people.  Engagement is something you do with them.
– A Public Relations company.  Engagement is about participation in decision making, not being told about decisions that have already been made.
– Community Activists or Lobbyists.  We work with decision-makers to help them involve their key stakeholders in decision-making when invited to do so.
– Social media ‘gurus’. We love applying public participation methodology to the use of popular online tools but aren’t here to fix your pages or provide generic commentary on social media.

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