Becky’s enthusiastic and approachable manner makes for the perfect facilitator. Becky works hard to understand the needs of her clients, and to plan engagement programs in collaboration with them. I have enjoyed being a participant as much as a client working with Becky.” 
Dot Hepburn, Wellbeing SA

“Becky is a natural leader in life, and in particular, in the community engagement space. The Bang the Table team has worked closely with Becky for nearly a decade on many complex projects. She has never failed to deliver to the highest possible standards. Becky thrives in high intensity, high demand, complex environments. She is a great facilitator, but more importantly, a great energiser of people. I can’t recommend Becky highly enough.”
Dr Crispin Butteriss, Bang the Table

“I’m a fan – you are unique AND super talented – that goes a long way in my book!” 
Stephen Yarwood, Former Adelaide Lord Mayor & Urban Futurist

“I have worked with Becky Hirst in a number of different roles over the past seven years; as consultants, volunteers and industry representatives. Becky is an energised, passionate and intelligent engagement professional. I would recommend Becky for any role which provides her with a challenge and feeds her passion for exceptional community engagement.”
Amy Hubbard, CEO – Capire Consulting

“Becky is an energetic, creative, thoughtful, professional and principles-based community engagement practitioner. Organisations love to work with Becky, and for good reason. She is a joy to work with and she delivers. Always!”
Max Hardy, Max Hardy Consulting

“I’ve worked with Becky on a variety of projects and she continues demonstrate outstanding attributes in the field of community & stakeholder engagement. She is a skilled facilitator and trainer and is experienced in utilising both traditional and online engagement techniques. She has a honest passion for increasing civic participation and involving people in decisions that may effect them.”
Dan Popping, Bang the Table

“Not only is Becky an excellent facilitator but she has a unique ability to have fun while maintaining a high level of professionalism. It’s no coincidence that when Becky Hirst Consulting was established, successful community engagement started coming to the fore in South Australia.”
Mark Osborne, Department for State Development SA

“Thank you for your support.  [The report] is an excellent piece of work and has been well received.  ‘Bloody brilliant’ was one of the phrases I heard mentioned in relation to it.”
National Health Call Centre Network Ltd (Healthdirect)

“Becky worked with me to deliver an OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle) Stakeholder Forum in the City of Playford. Becky was enthusiastic, great to work with and highly creative, knowledgeable, and organised. She is a real people-person and ensured we achieved our goals.” 
Jane Creaser, OPAL City of Playford 

“Becky is always dynamic, enthusiastic and inspiring. Becky skills were fundamental to enabling true participation by consumers in healthcare.”
Chair, Consumer and Community Advisory Committee, SA Health

“Highly organised and well structured professional. Great fun and easy to work with, very well connected.” 
Brett Stephens, EMERG Group 

“Becky is an outstanding facilitator of consultation and engagement. She has a great way of keeping the group focused while seemingly effortlessly making room for all participants to feel valued. With great form and track record in many areas, there are other enterprise areas where community and stakeholder engagement is needed and that would benefit from working with a professional of Becky’s calibre.”
Greg Mackie, OAM

“The Community Board wishes to thank you for travelling to Roxby Downs to facilitate our Strategic Planning workshop.  The Community Board has benefited enormously from this opportunity.  The participants left full of renewed enthusiasm.  Thank you for steering the Board through this process.”
Roxby Downs Community Board

“You were exactly right for the job, and got your head around this complex project marvellously!”
Acting Manager, SA Community Foodies, Southern Primary Health

“I’ve known Becky for 2+ years through her work in community engagement in South Australia. I’ve been impressed with her knowledge and enthusiasm from day 1. Looking forward to seeing Becky’s next 10 years. Watch out world.”
Deputy Chair, Consumer and Community Advisory Committee, SA Health

“Becky won the 2010 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award sponsored by DTED at the recent graduation evening for the South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES).  Becky’s experience and passion in the area of community engagement is impossible to beat. She comes highly recommended.”
Dan Smith, formerly Business SA

“The organisation and conduct of the meeting was excellent. We achieved what we set out to do, with very interesting discussions.  The proof of the quality of the forum was it ran to time which considering the subject was an excellent result”
Participant at National Seniors consultation forum

“You were fantastic. The test of a truly good facilitator is not noticing they are there. Loved the last minute changes and ensuring we got everything done”
Feedback following facilitation of a Youth stakeholder forum for Adelaide City Council

“It has been fantastic working with you – you obviously have a thorough knowledge of working with community groups over a period of time, were able to put any explanations into easy to understand language, concise in how you recorded the conversations and clear about the outcomes”
Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Patient Care Services, Lyell McEwin Hospital

“I was absolutely delighted to hear that the Living & Learning Centre has received an award from the Campaign for Learning.  This reflects well on you and the work you are doing to promote learning and public involvement at GL1 – well done!”
Dame Janet Trotter DBE, University of Gloucestershire

“You were wonderfully flexible when we were discussing all of the last minute changes – thank you for such a cool head!”
Central Northern Adelaide Health Service

“Thank you for a fabulous session! We had some great discussions afterwards about why people don’t get involved and some strategies for building trust and overcoming apathy…a most hopeful discussion!”
Course Co-ordinator, Working with Community, UniSA

“Thanks for giving your presentation to our Communicate with the Community class yesterday here at Urrbrae TAFE.  I received some very good feedback from the students.  They all enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Lecturer, TAFESA

“A flexible and accommodating facilitator”
Participant at Country Health SA evaluation day