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Thought Bubbles – Episode 43 – What actually is an Activist?

Am I an Activist? Are you one? And how do we define activism in 2018?

In Offline // 2018.11.29

Thought Bubbles – Episode 42 – How to Engage a Troublemaker

In this episode I explore a few ideas for engaging with those in the community

In Offline // 2018.09.24

Thought Bubbles Episode 41 – Politics & Community Engagement

In this episode, I share a story about how I've come to learn that community

In Offline // 2018.05.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 40 – Influence

On my last day at Becky Hirst Consulting, and on the run up to Global

In Offline // 2018.01.25

Thought Bubbles – Episode 39 – The People Lens

In this episode I suggest that community engagement practitioners apply a 'people lens' to our

In Offline // 2017.10.16

Thought Bubbles – Episode 38 – Community Engagement on Council Rates

In this episode I share the ONE single question that I believe local Government should

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 37 – Is Community Engagement soft and fluffy?

In this episode I share a conversation I had with a friend who works in

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 36 – Facebook Groups for Building Community Resilience

In this episode I share my enthusiasm for Facebook, but specifically Facebook Groups as a

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 35 – Microcommunities & Community Leadership

In this episode I discuss community leadership in the form of individuals making change within

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 34 – My hatred of surveys

In this edition of Thought Bubbles I share my hatred of impersonal bureaucratic surveys used

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 33 – Trust & Keyboard Warriors

In this episode I explore how society is at an all time low in relation

In Offline // 2017.09.21

Thought Bubbles Episode 32 – Engage 2 Act!

I just can't contain my excitement so am sharing with you some of my personal

In Offline // 2017.01.19

Thought Bubbles – Episode 31 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Creating Viral Social Media Content

Let me share with you the story of my Facebook post reaching almost 7 million

In Offline // 2016.12.21

Thought Bubbles – Episode 30 – What’s been happening?

Becky is back! It's been well over a year since the last recording of Thought

In Offline // 2016.11.07

Thought Bubbles – Episode 29

"Emotive and concrete" engagement

In Offline // 2015.08.13

Thought Bubbles – Episode 28

Taking a 'bottom-up' approach

In Offline // 2015.07.29

Thought Bubbles – Episode 27

Good leaders create more leaders!

In Offline // 2015.07.16

Thought Bubbles – Episode 26

The work of Becky Hirst Consulting during the last 12 months

In Offline // 2015.07.02


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