Thought Bubbles – Episode 23

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Sometimes you’ve just got the make the decision! This was a bit of a rushed episode but hopefully you get my point. There’s so much more I could have elaborated on about just ‘informing’ the community about a decision you’ve made but I was a bit distracted at the playground. Still, it’s a start and you can always add your comments!

Thought Bubbles – Episode 22

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Who is responsible for keeping the sky blue? This week I ask you to consider who is responsible for different decisions that are made within your community. And what is your role within that?

Thought Bubbbles – Episode 21

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Are you a lurker? This week I talk about the 90-9-1 rule and how it is possible to use it to measure participation in both online and offline community engagement.

Thought Bubbles – Episode 20

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Why do I hate the phrase “Have your Say”?

This episode was inspired by my thoughts following reading “Are you practicing condescending community engagement?” by Crispin Butteriss of Bang the Table.

Thought Bubbles – Episode 19

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On the eve of taking a few days off for some R&R, it has dawned on me just how much energy we Community Engagement practitioners have to put in to our daily work. How do you balance passion with running a community engagement consultancy?

Thought Bubbles – Episode 18

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What budget do you need for good community engagement? Let me tell you about the “zero budget” rule!

Thought Bubbles – Episode 17

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This week I share some of the key ‘buzz words’ that you’ll hear about the place in relation to community engagement! There’s a lot of them… but what have they all got in common?

Thought Bubbles – Episode 16

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Should consumers, or community members, be financially reimbursed for their contribution in to Government decision-making processes?

Thought Bubbles – Episode 15

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This week I talk about Dahlgren & Whitehead’s Social Determinants of Health Model as a social theory to health. The model attempts to map the relationship between the individual and the environment they live in. This model helped define my passion for communities back in 2001 when I was studying for a Graduate Diploma in Health Education Promotion.

Read more about the Social Determinants of Health on a previous blog post here.

Thought Bubbles – Episode 14

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This week I received a question that asked what a good community engagement plan includes… So here are my TOP TEN things that EVERY engagement plan should include!

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