Engagement Health Check for Councils

Is it time for an Engagement Health Check?

Just how responsive are you to the needs of the various communities you serve? What’s working? What’s not?

An Engagement Health Check can be beneficial at any point in time – at the end of a Council term to evaluate your current situation and where you could improve; at the beginning of a Council term to inform and educate new Elected Members; or part way through a Council term to check how you’re tracking.

Why’s this important? For starters, it’s important to the people and communities you serve. Just ask them – they’ll tell you! It’s also important to connect with your communities to ensure the decisions you make are responsive to their needs.

Undertaking our Engagement Health Check demonstrates your ongoing commitment as a Council to engage deeply with the people who are affected by and interested in your decisions. The results put you in a strong position to implement improvements in your engagement with the communities you serve. This not only improves your reputation in your local community, but also improves your ability to make the right decisions.

The Engagement Health Check involves four steps –

1. Internal Engagement Policy & Process Audit

2. Community Sentiment Analysis

3. Elected Member and Senior Executive Contributions

4. Recommendations

For further details of our Engagement Health Check for Councils, download our Service Specification (PDF) and contact Becky on 0449 190125 to discuss your specific needs.