People Lens

People Lens

It’s never too early to consider the role that people have in the successful planning, delivery and implementation of your project.

Evidence shows that early identification, analysis and assessment of the role people might play in the planning, implementation and delivery of your project, helpĀ develop strategies to mitigate risk associated with people causing project delays or additional expense as a result of not having buy-in or understanding of your project.

It’s never too early to consider –

  1. Who has an interest in the outcome of your projects;
  2. Who is likely to be affected by the outcome of your projects;
  3. What levels of influence various people have on the success of your project;
  4. How you might manage your future engagement with people who are interested in or affected by your project.

The term ‘people’ might refer to staff, stakeholders, partners, media, decision-makers, business, community members, and anyone else relevant to your work.

Applying our People Lens approach to your project as early as possible can increase the likelihood of your project being delivered on time, within budget and without unnecessary or unexpected outrage.

The People Lens approach includes –

  1. People Identification
  2. People Mapping
  3. People Analysis
  4. Recommendations

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People Lens Service Specification (PDF 5mB)

People Lens