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Our in-house training is available for groups of 6 to 25 people and is delivered at your organisation…

Stakeholder Engagement: 20 Essential Tips & Tricks!

This workshop provides an excellent introduction to stakeholder engagement and is designed for anyone who wants to build their understanding of how to successfully engage stakeholders in planning processes, problem solving or decision making.

By the end of the workshop participants will be armed with twenty tips and tricks to help them undertake successful stakeholder engagement. This will include some practical ideas that can be further developed in their workplace.  Using an interactive workshop format, the session will include:

– What is stakeholder engagement, who are your stakeholders and why engage stakeholders
– Principles of stakeholder engagement
– Managing risk and expectations
– Stakeholder mapping techniques
– Tools for successful engagement

Representatives from Government, non-Government organisations, trade and industry, business and financial institutions are likely to find this workshop informative and relevant to their work with stakeholders. The tips and tricks for successful stakeholder engagement presented as part of this workshop will be able to be applied to any environment.

Collating & Reporting on Community Engagement

This training includes tips and tricks for collating and reporting on your engagement activity, including print, face-to-face and online engagement activity. We’ll include everything from identifying report styles and content for decision-makers, facing collation of sticky notes through to making use of tools such as Google Analytics.

Group Facilitation: Tips & Tricks for Survival

Whether you are planning on working with a group of 5 or 1000, this workshop will share some trade secrets to enable you to support any group in successfully achieving desired outcomes. In this workshop, your trainer will share some tips and tricks for making facilitation look easy! By the end of the workshop, participants will feel more confident in their own ability to facilitate group meetings. The session will include:

– Planning and preparation for successful facilitation
– Group process design, including tools and techniques
– Monitoring and managing group dynamics
– Facilitation challenges in stakeholder and community engagement

Untangling The Web For Successful Online Community Engagement

“Should we be online?” is a question asked by so many organisations in relation to their community engagement activity but knowing where to start can be confusing. This workshop will provide an excellent introduction to the vast array of online tools available for community involvement in decision-making. By the end of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of the range of tools available to them and how each tool can be used effectively within public participation methodology. Featuring live examples and case studies, the session will include:

– Tools for engaging communities online – Facebook, Twitter, Forums and more!
– The good, the bad & the ugly – examples of online community engagement in action
– Selecting and using tools appropriate to the demographic and topic

“Absolutely brilliant!  More people should engage in this engagement education!”
“Very engaging and clear.  Excellent tools provided.”
“A very interesting workshop and informative session!”
“Clearly presented and increased my understanding of community engagement”

Consumer-Led Content Marketing for Wine, Tourism & Destination Marketing

Winey Kids has become one of South Australia’s most respected and trusted sources of information for families visiting wine regions.

For many wineries, Winey Kids is acknowledged in their top 3 referrers for visitors to their cellar doors. They have built a total organic following of over 10,000 people from a niche market. They have won awards for both business and destination marketing. They demonstrate outstanding levels of engagement with followers and have the proven ability to convert engagement in to visitation and sales.

Yet Winey Kids isn’t a goverment initiative. It isn’t a highly paid consultancy or advertising agency. In fact, to date it receives no funding at all. There’s no flash tourism or marketing strategy.

If Winey Kids had been created by an organisation or agency as opposed to a real family, would it have been as effective? What lessons in the use of digital tools and social media engagement has Winey Kids learnt along the way? What barriers were faced in establishing a consumer-led wine, tourism and destination marketing intiative? How can we build on this approach for future genuine engagement and collaboration with tourism consumers? 

Join us for a morning of insight, learning and exploration of the possibilities for the future of wine, tourism and destination marketing via micro-influencers, digital tools, niche consumer groups and consumer-led initiatives.

Key topics in the seminar

> The Winey Kids story
> Consumer-led versus organisation-driven
> Creation of Tribe & Sense of Ownership
> Effective Social Media Content
> Creation of Character & Use of Storytelling
> Using Insights for Business & Product Planning
> When Content Goes Viral
> Working with Micro-Influencers
> Identifying Consumer Needs
> Giving Back & Community Connections
> Social Responsibility
> The Secret Frustrations of a Micro-Influencer

Who would benefit from attending?

Anyone with an interest in the future of wine, tourism and destination marketing, but specifically –

> Marketing, communications and social media professionals;
> Food & wine industry professionals, including cellar door managers, visitor information centre staff, tour operators, restauranteurs;
> Tourism professionals from local & state government, non-government and private sector
> Small business owner operators operating in the food and wine sector looking to be inspired and gain new ideas for engaging with consumers

Who leads this seminar?

The seminar will be led by community engagement expert and South Australian based consultant, Becky Hirst.

Becky is also known as “The Winey Mum” in her capacity as the founder of Winey Kids. Becky has 18 years experience in working on grass-roots engagement initiatives across two continents and is a leader in her field, recently founding Engage 2 Act, a collective of individuals progressing high quality community engagement.

Becky will share her knowledge, proven strategies and some funny stories along the way of her experience in using her engagement know-how to found award-winning wine, tourism and destination marketing initiative, Winey Kids.

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